Hongmeng OS may launch at Huawei Developer Conference on 9th August

Huawei Hongmeng OS
Image Source: REUTERS

Hongmeng OS will soon be much more than just a buzzword as Huawei is set to hold its biggest developer conference to date on 9th August and will likely introduce its homegrown operating system to the world.

What makes this developer conference a grand event is a fact that more than 1,500 partners and 5,000 global developers are expected to attend the conference this year which will make it the most excellent platform for the launch of Hongmeng OS.

The company has not yet confirmed the arrival of its custom-made operating system at the conference but the event coincides with the previous report of the software’s arrival in August. Moreover, Richard Yu, CEO Huawei also said in a  previous statement said that Hongmeng OS will be coming in fall 2019.

The Chinese smartphone maker took the wraps off the Hongmeng OS in May after the US government banned the firm from working with American companies including Google. After being forced out of the Android platform, the company unveiled that it has been working on a plan B for rainy days since the last 7 years which it called Hongmeng OS.

Though the US government has eased the restrictions placed on Huawei, the company is still pushing forward with the development of its own operating system and is reportedly testing it on the Mate 30 smartphones.

A previous report also mentioned the company’s plan to ship 225 million smartphones with Hongmeng OS by the end of October 2019 which falls in line with the month of Huawei Mate 30 series’ arrival, giving us hope to see the new OS in the company’s new flagship devices.

In a recent interview, Richard Yu described that Hongmeng OS is faster than Android and MacOS and has confirmed broader applications apart from smartphones. For this purpose, Huawei has been reportedly working with Chinese tech giants and smartphone vendors including Tencent, OPPO, and Vivo to test the operating system.

The company has also enlisted internal testers to check the new software and thanks to one of the testers, we have an idea about the upcoming features of Hongmeng OS.

August is just a few weeks away and we just have to be patient for some more time before the curtain is lifted from Huawei’s new offering in the smartphone world.

Image Source: REUTERS


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