HMD Global admits Nokia smartphones come with major issue

Nokia smartphones
Image Source: Android Police

Nokia smartphones after their major comeback managed to slowly sway our heart towards the series of new devices which come with the promise of the latest Android updates and security.

The Finish company, HMD Global, since then has launched about a dozen devices every year and the company though believes it has done a great job in covering all price points, it overlooked a major issue which has started to cause trouble for Nokia smartphones. The problem is none other than the ridiculous naming convention opted by the company.

Pranav Shroff, Global Portfolio GM HMD Global while talking with Gadgets360 acknowledged that the company failed to make the naming of the products clear for the customers.

He said, “We owe it to our consumers — and generally everybody — to make sure it’s (the product portfolio) clear. If we have not made that clear, and I agree that we haven’t, then that is something we need to work on better.”

Every year, the successor of Nokia smartphones get a higher number in the decimal count, for instance, all the phones launched in 2019 end with 0.2 like Nokia 2.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 4.2, etc. which will prove to be quite restricting for the company in the future and fails to establish the fact that the new devices are an upgraded model of the last year’s variant.

The company realizes its mistake and is determined to fix this major issue in the future to provide more clear naming structure to make it easy for the users of Nokia smartphones to recognize and associate with the mobile devices.

Image Source: Android Police


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