With GPU Turbo technology Huawei eyes to boost phone performances by 60%

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Before we dig deep into how Huawei is dreaming to bring tremendous changes in its smartphones’ performances, we need to understand what GPU Turbo technology is.

GPU Turbo Technology

GPU Turbo is a hardware-software integrated technology that aims to speed up graphics performance and improve the user experience.

Huawei has spent billions of dollars on this very technology and dreams to revolutionize the experience of video gaming on its flagship and mid-range smartphones.

The GPU Turbo technology is not just about GPU power but it enhances the graphics processing efficiency allowing users to run heavy graphics with keeping the battery consumption at a minimum.

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has recently introduced Honor Play, which will be the company’s first phone with integrated GPU Turbo technology and will also be equipped with 4D gaming capabilities. The phone is aimed to completely change the gaming experience and you can buy the phone after its sales start on 11 June.

This popularity gaining technology will increase graphics processing efficiency by up to 60% and reduces power consumption by 30%.

That means the phones powered with GPU Turbo will make the most powerful phones with amazing GPU speed and lower power consumption.

After Honor Play, the company has launched a schedule along with a list of devices that will be getting this technology via software update. This list not only includes the flagships but also some of the mid-range phones which will exhibit a better performance chart after receiving the update.

A test on Honor 9 Youth Edition showed a 77% increase in game frame rate and this is literally what the new smartphones need right now.

Honor 10 has already started to receive the update but unfortunately, it is limited to China only. Furthermore, Huawei has plans to test the technology on other phones including Honor 9, Honor V9, Honor Play 7X, Honor 9 Youth Edition and power these devices with the turbo technology once the testing phase is over.

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