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Govt offers Hauwei along with others to setup phone manufacturing plants in Pakistan

phone manufacturing plants in pakistan

In the wake of digitalizing Pakistan and stabilizing the economy of the country, Govt. has offered Huawei and other key players to set up phone manufacturing plants in the country to localize smartphone production.

While addressing the ‘Huawei Mobile Pakistan Summit’, Minister for Information Technology Dr. Khalid Maqbool stated. “The government has allocated land in Haripur, where mobile manufacturers would be allotted land for local manufacturing”.

IT and telecommunication sector in Pakistan evolved impressively, said the minister, adding that it’s the era of information technology and through IT, we will be able to evolve in a better way, transforming our population into an asset.

He further stated that the government eyes to digitalize Pakistan and that the country would require 0.2 million graduates having expertise in modern technology in the upcoming years. The mobile phone would become an important tool in banking and education in the future which is why steps like setting up phone manufacturing plants would not only digitalize the country but also uplift the economy.

Mr. Maqbool also mentioned devising an authority under the umbrella of Cyber Security Policy and also mentioned of a regulatory authority to be set up on IT education.

Huawei’s Vice President Middle East Huawei Sunxiaofeng said that 5G is coming this year and it will change society. He said that it would reduce the cost of telecom operators. He also mentioned that Huawei’s surpassed US$ 100 billion in 2018 and that the company had also invested in Pakistan, creating 25,000 jobs.

This hints that the Chinese giant may actually be considering setting up phone manufacturing plants in Pakistan and as long as it doesn’t happen. Let’s be optimistic about it.

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