Government to introduce mobile app for GST collection in Pakistan

mobile app for GST collection

PTI government is looking towards technological solutions when it comes to filling up the national coffers as it has decided to introduce a mobile app for GST collection in Pakistan that will collect the general sales tax in real time.

According to details, the federal government is planning to introduce this mobile app in restaurants and hotels nationwide though the final decision will be taken after consulting all the relevant stakeholders.

What Will This App Do?

The mobile app will send the consumers an instant receipt confirming them that the GST that they have paid has been collected by the government.

Looking at the economic condition of this country, the federal government is in a desperate situation where they have to come up with ways to increase the revenue and decrease the spending. With this app, the government is looking to enhance the tax collection from the food and accommodation sector by keeping track of every rupee.

According to Express Tribune,  the finance ministry has written a letter to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) which led to the consideration of mobile app by the latter. The letter stated that all restaurants whether they provide a computerized bill or not, charge GST from the consumers but it is unconfirmed if all the money is actually deposited into the national treasury.

The mobile app once integrated with the tax mechanism will be able to collect GST payments in real time. This is just the theory but we’ll have to wait and see how mobile app for GST collection will work in real life.


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