Google is reportedly working on a mid-range Pixel phone for 2019

Smartphone companies have brought in several awesome phones so far in 2018 and many more including Google Pixel 3 are in line to hit the markets. But, there is a surprising update that Google is planning to launch a mid-range pixel phone and work has already begun on the device.

The mid-range Pixel phone may release in first half of the next year. According to WinFuture writer Ronald Quandt, Google may power this mid-range pixel phone with Snapdragon 710 chip, and the phone should be with us in the first half of 2019.

So far Google has been amazing in producing high-end smartphones and has performed well in competing the likes of iPhone X and Galaxy S9. But now when Google is planning to launch another phone, it will be a great addition to 2019-lineup for users to get Pixel phone with a small budget range.

For the first time, Economic Times reported that Google had started working on a less expensive phone to target the emerging market. These reports supported the belief that Google would release 3 new Pixel phones the next year, 2019.

However, there has been no confirmation by Google. But the experts have dubbed this device to be a genuine mid-range phone in the international market. For further features of the phone, experts believe Google should make it as smart as other devices of Pixel line, but it might be a question of profits for Google.


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