Google Pixel 3 Launch Date, Specs and Rumors Roundup

Numerous rumors have been circling around regarding the launch of Google Pixel 3 for the past couple of days. Google hasn’t given any special indication about the launch of its updated Google Pixel 3 lineup but it’s not going to stop the various leaks and speculation from pouring in.

Device lineup

If we are to believe the source code leak in October 2017, then Google is planning to launch three new Pixel phones this year. However this may seem a fallacious claim since before the launch of Pixel 2, the same thing was rumored but it turned out to be quite different and google released only two phones in Pixel lineup. This year it may not be different but there is also a possibility that Google will release three devices as the codenames for Google’s 2018 phones are also leaked which are “crosshatch”, “albacore” and “blueline.


Google’s latest Android version, Android P is also available to the developers for testing which means that the pixel 3 will come with Android P. Keeping in mind that the Android P is specifically known for its compatibility with the “notched” phones, this indicates that Google may go for the notch in pixel 3.

It’s likely HTC will be behind manufacturing and parts of the Pixel 3 design process because Google just concluded a $1.1 billion deal to acquire certain HTC employees.


Like the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, we expect Google to equip its next flagship with the latest processor available. As the latest Snapdragon 845 is being used in other flagships, we also expect the same of Google. Anything less would be disappointing.

We also expect the Pixel 3 to essentially have all the flagship upgrades. Besides that, although much controversial, it is still rumored that Pixel 3 will not have a headphone jack just like its predecessor and will have a USB type-C.

Google is reportedly working to develop iris scanner support that could complete with 3D scanning used on iPhone X, but there is no word on whether it will be ready for the launch of Pixel lineup or not.

Release Date

Pixel 3 is expected to be released in October 2018. Google has not yet confirmed or announced any date for the phone’s launch. Based solely on the launch dates of previous Google phones we can soundly make an educated guess that Google may be going to launch its Pixel lineup in October 2018.

Budget Pixel

According to the rumors, Google is also planning to launch a cheaper version of the Pixel with lower specifications which would be aimed towards price-sensitive markets like South Asia. It is still unclear whether or not the mid-range pixel is among the rumored codenames.

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