Google Pixel 3 Prototype Images Reveal a Notch

More and more rumors have been sprouting out about the Google’s latest flagship for a couple of weeks now. We do know that the device was codenamed as “crosshatch” as the early rumors suggest. Now, images of a Google prototype phone have surfaced on XDA Developers forum which might be the most awaited Google Pixel 3.

It was earlier rumored that the phone may come without a notch but the images reveal the handset from both front and back and reveal many expected features of the phone, including a notch. Check out the images below

Google Pixel 3 Prototype

Apparently, the phone looks strikingly similar to the Pixel 2, except the notch of course. The phone also hosts a dual front speaker. However, it is amazing to see that Google pixel 3 does not feature a dual camera on its back, considering the hottest trend in the industry in the dual camera craze. This shouldn’t be much of a nuisance for Google as the company is already known for its great picture quality in the Pixel 2 line-up in spite of having single cameras.

What’s more exciting is that according to these pictures the Google pixel 3 will feature a dual camera on the front which indicates to the fact that the phone might come with an advanced face recognition technology, and expectingly good enough to rival the iPhone’s true depth camera.

The phone also has a chin on its front while the fingerprint sensor remains on the back of the phone just like its predecessors.

No matter how appealing these pictures might be, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt as these are merely the leaks and we still don’t officially what the company has in store for the Google Pixel 3 line up. Reportedly, the company is also working on a budget device in the new pixel line up.

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