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Google Pay Services in Pakistan Coming Soon

Google Pay services in Pakistan

Global tech giant Google has finally decided to launch Google pay services in Pakistan. The company has also decided to introduce a digital skills training program in the country to raise awareness in the citizens regarding the digital world.

A team from Google met with Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, Dr. Khalid Maqbool on Wednesday where matters related to social media, e-commerce, digital skills, and Google pay services were discussed.

Google pay services come under the net of the digital payments system and are already partially available in Pakistan and can be used to pay for applications on Play store but with the extensive launch of this digital payment solution, you’ll able to pay for almost anything.

Google pay allows you to pay even for grocery in stores and use loyalty cards, gift cards, and even buy tickets and boarding passes. Your online payments will not only be limited to the apps in the Play store but will also cover your online subscriptions.

Not only that but you will also be able to use Google pay services to pay for your travel through a bus or a train and even send money to your friends and family.

The Federal IT Minister lauded this decision from Google and ensured the complete support of his office to the tech giant in launching the Google pay services as well as the digital skills training program.

The time frame, however, has not been set yet and there still may be several months before these services fully make their way to Pakistan but as they say, better late than never.


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