Google leaks its own Pixel 4 smartphone

Google Pixel 4

For the past few days, the rumors of Google’s new smartphone, Pixel 4 have been roaming around on the internet and in a rare move, the US-based tech giant officially released the design of its upcoming phone months ahead of its official launch which is anticipated to be held in October 2019.

On its official  Made by Google Twitter page, the company tweeted, “Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do. #Pixel4” along with the pictures of the new smartphone whose renders were previously leaked by Pricebaba.

If you look at the Pixel 4, you will notice some quite big changes especially at the back which now has a square camera module featuring a pair of lenses, a flash, and seemingly some other sensors. After waiting for years, the company has finally upped the count of its rear cameras as before it solely relied on software’s prowess to get the perfect shots and we have to admit that before the arrival of Huawei P30 Pro (Camera Review), Google Pixel 3XL was undefeated in the camera department.

We can only see the back of the phone in the image but the lack of a traditional fingerprint sensor makes us hopeful about the possibility of an in-display fingerprint reader to unlock the device.

It is quite strange for a company to reveal its own smartphone ahead of its launch as it is a common practice that even with the just-right renders roaming around in the news, the smartphone makers refrain to comment about their devices. Some renders of the upcoming iPhone show a similar camera module and it is likely that Google may have revealed Pixel 4 to avoid the label of “copying” Apple’s design.

It may also be possible that Google would feel indifferent about whether people know the design of its phone or not. Whatever the reason be, it sure has raised the excitement level for the Pixel users.


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