Google is Reportedly Working on a Foldable Smartphone

For a while, we thought Samsung might be winning the foldable phone race with its Galaxy Fold but then Huawei Mate X appeared out of nowhere after which many manufacturers jumped in the arena and now Google foldable phone might actually be in works from the search engine giant and may arrive sooner than you think.

The year 2019 started with some of the most interesting trends, foldable phones being one of them. Brands like Motorola have also joined the race so Google did not want to be left out.

A patent application has been published proving Google’s interest in developing a folding phone, though more simplistic than those from Samsung and Huawei.

Google Foldable Phone

The Google foldable phone seems to adopt a more simple approach and has a single fold inward which resembles a lot with what we are expecting in the upcoming Motorola Razr foldable phone. Figure 1 shows the phone when folded, which is unfolded in Figure. 2.

Irrespective of the necessity or the real-life application of such devices, every manufacturer is now going for the foldable phones. Google foldable phone, however, would a bit more interesting as it might not face any software optimization issues at all since Google is itself the developer of Android.

Google’s main reason behind starting the already famed Pixel lineup was to develop hardware that perfectly envisioned the stock Android software and now that google foldable phone is in works. the software implications could be limitless.


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