Google Assistant Will Make Its Way to 1 Billion Devices by January End

As the CES 2019 is underway, a plethora of news is to be expected about the tech trends of 2019 and other technological advancements, but first, Google took the opportunity of boasting about some numbers in terms of Google Assistant. The tech giant expects its voice-powered assistant to expand to 1 billion devices in 80 countries.

Back at I/O 2018, Google had announced that the Assistant was available on 500 million devices which not only include smartphones but also smart home, smart speakers, headphones and other devices.

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The tech giant released the feature-packed Google Assistant to compete with the voice assistant from Amazon, Alexa and upon its inception, it was only available on the company’s smart speakers and the Pixel phone but the spread like an epidemic and the 1 billion Google assistant powered devices that the company is hoping for, also include the smart speakers, smart displays, headphones, smartphones, earbuds, and all other form factors.

Amazon also announced last week that 100 million Alexa powered devices had been sold. This heated up the rivalry between the two giants and resulted in Google’s announcement. Though the announcements from both companies don’t tell the whole picture as Google is also including the smartphones in the count in which the Assistant comes by default.

The Assistant has played a major role in Google growth as people tend to search their queries instantly on the Google homepage on their devices instead of opening up a computer page. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has also repeatedly reinstated the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Google’s pursuit for its excellence.

In March 2017 Google announced to bring the Assistant to all the Android devices running Marshmallow or Nougat version and has continued to do so, finally bringing the iPhone in the fold in May 2017.

Since then Google saw a massive spike in its growth and grew to 80 countries in 2018 which was 14 countries in 2017 along with support for 30 languages in 2018 which was just 8 languages in 2017.

Google will have an impactful presence at the CES 2019 and this unprecedented growth in Google’s services, especially Google Assistant, is definitely hinting towards a rich future of Artificial Intelligence.



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