Galaxy S10 Teaser Reveals 4K Selfie Camera, Reverse Wireless Charging

Countless weeks of rumors, reports, and leaks have been building up our excitement about the launch of Samsung’s next flagship, Galaxy S10. Even though much has been known about the phone but still the company reveals something from time to time that cheers up the techies.

Samsung Vietnam has posted three new videos on their Youtube that hint towards three new and exciting features of the phone.

Technically the first video emphasizes on two things, one that the phone will not have any notch in its screen and the second that it would have an in-display fingerprint sensor just as expected earlier.

The second video is about the 4K capabilities of the device and refers to optical image stabilization in video and seems to poke fun at the notches of the other. However, the video does not show the punch-hole cutout of the S10 which is rather deceitful of Samsung.

Finally, Samsung Vietnam seems to confirm in the last video that the Galaxy S10 will come with a wireless charging feature. Not only that, but it will also come with a reverse wireless charging and the cherry on the cake is the fast charging capability. The Galaxy S10 will come with a 15W wireless charging and a 9W reverse wireless charging.

Not only is Samsung bringing the Galaxy S10 this month but has also announced the launch date for its upcoming foldable phone. Other than that, Xiaomi has also announced the launch date for its upcoming Mi 9 flagship phone. Looks like 2019 is going to be an enticing year for smartphone technology.


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