Galaxy Note 9 latest leak shows a shutter button for camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2018. The early leaks suggest Samsung may release its flagship device on August 9. There have been several other rumors regarding the features and specs of the phone.

But a recent leak of Galaxy Note 9 case hints that the phone may come with a fifth physical mystery button. The leaked cover shows a physical button on the right side of the phone near to the bottom. The four buttons on Galaxy Note 9 are for volumes, Bixby, and standby. But the existence of the fifth button has confused people.

It’s also rumored that Samsung may introduce this fifth button as a shutter button for the camera. The techies in China, where the leak comes from, predict Samsung may be working to improve the camera in Galaxy Note 9 and this fifth button may be a part of that strategy.

In the past, smartphones featured a shutter button for camera and return of this feature on Galaxy Note 9 should not be a surprise for the users, remarked an expert. When it comes to other features of the phone, Samsung delayed the launch to adjust design tweaks suggested by its VP.

Note 8 successor will feature a camera that outperforms the camera in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The phone may also come with an upgraded Qualcomm processor and improved version of Bixby.

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