Galaxy Note 9 could be a disappointment for Samsung Fans

The Chinese Ministry of Information Technology has certified Galaxy Note 9 for a commercial launch which means we could see the phone sooner than expected. We have already seen the bright and the bold Galaxy S9 and S9+ earlier than expected and this summer we might see the Galaxy Note 9 too but we don’t think Samsung is going to reach the expectations this time with its Note series.

If you’re hoping for a brand new design, one that differs quite a bit from the Galaxy Note 8’s form factor, don’t hold your breath or you’ll be disappointed. Noted mobile leak artist Ice Universe has released what very well could be the first render of the Galaxy Note 9.

In addition to the picture, he claims the design won’t change much from the Galaxy Note 8. The leaker adds that the Galaxy Note 9 is 2mm shorter than the Note 8, but nothing more than that. In fact, it looks like you won’t be able to “distinguish between them without careful observation”. Although nothing is confirmed, if you aren’t a fan of the Galaxy Note 8 design, you might not want to wait for the Galaxy Note 9.

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the inclusion of an on-screen fingerprint sensor in the phone which doesn’t seem likely as a reliable leaker has recently revealed that the phone won’t be hosting an on-screen scanner.

If Samsung wants to shove a $1000 smartphone up our throats, it has to be some serious innovation to do that otherwise why would someone want to upgrade from Note 8 to Note 9 when the former is working perfectly well.

Samsung is repeating history by doing the same it did with Galaxy S9 and S9+. The design was identical to last year’s flagships except for the fingerprint scanner placement and people who had the S8 or the S8+ were very much reluctant to upgrade for such a hefty price as there was minor to no difference in design and performance.

IDC (International Data Corporation) reports that Samsung saw its market share fall 2.4%  in Q1 2018  as compared with Q1 of 2017 despite launching its flagship S9 and S9+ handsets earlier than usual. Back in 2016, Samsung took a big hit to its reputation because of the Note 7 exploding fiasco which also cost Samsung $ 5bn of operating loss.

The company doesn’t forecast its Note models to sell as well as the Galaxy S series because it’s designed for a niche that needs or just wants a little more. Besides that S9+ offers everything that we expect to see in a Note phone except the stylus. So if you have an S9+, would you be willing to pay extra hundreds of Dollars for everything that you already have on your phone? Do let us know in the comments below.

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