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Fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold to finally launch in September

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Image Source: Mashable

After more than two months of delay, Samsung’s first foldable phone, Galaxy Fold will be hitting the shelves in September 2019. The South Korean smartphone maker has confirmed that all the phone’s screen problems have been fixed and the device is now ready to be in the hands of the consumers.

The company has only shared the launch month of Galaxy Fold with the world and will provide more details about the sale markets, availability, etc. in the coming weeks.

Samsung’s foldable phone was one of the most hyped devices of this year but the screen issues of the nearly $2000 smartphone pulled the company from becoming the mega superstar of 2019 to a cautionary tale.

The device was supposed to go on sale on 26th April and to draw in more people, the company sent the smartphone to different tech reviewers and celebrities around the world but its worst nightmare began when the phone’s screen started to give out after a day’s use.

The company quickly responded to the crisis by recalling all the review units and delaying the launch of its wonder child. Since then, Samsung has been tight-lipped about the company’s progress in regards to fixing the phone’s defects and apart from calling the situation embarrassing for the company, only confirmed that they are working on finding the solution for the problem.

With announcing the second launch timeline, the company has finally broken its silence and has given us something to look forward to after the arrival of the Galaxy Note 10 series.

Looking at the fallout of Galaxy Fold, Huawei also postponed the launch of its foldable Mate X smartphone from June to September. It will be interesting to see these two devices face-off each other to win the affection of smartphone users this year.

Image Source: Mashable, Source

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