FBR decreases taxes on mobile phones in Pakistan

Taxes on mobile phones

Federal Bureau of Revenue has unveiled the key details of the Finance Act 2019 and according to which the citizens can take a breath of relief as the government has decreased taxes on mobile phones in Pakistan.

According to the document issued by the authority, the government will be charging Rs. 135 in sales taxes on phones priced up to $30 whereas, in the past, they were charged Rs. 50 for the same price category. Similarly, mobile phones belonging to other price categories have also seen a revision in fixed sales tax.

You can see the changes in taxes on mobile phones in Pakistan below:

Mobile Phones Prices Old  Tax Rates New Tax Rates
Less than $30 Rs. 150 Rs 135
$30-$100 Rs. 1,470 Rs 1,320
$100-$200 Rs. 1,870 Rs 1,680
$200-$350 Rs. 1,930 Rs 1,740
$350-$500 Rs 6000 Rs 5,400
More than $500 Rs 10,300 Rs 9,270


Furthermore, FBR has also made it mandatory for the user to show their CNIC on the purchase of Rs. 50,000 or above. The rule will be applicable from 1st August 2019.

Although rationalization of sales tax is a good thing, the minor change in the figures will not make a huge impact on the overall taxes imposed on mobile phones in Pakistan which translate into expensive devices in the market.

The depreciation of rupee against US dollar has further pushed the mobile phone users into the corner where most people have to make do without flagship phones.


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