Facebook buys mind reading wrist band company to control computers through mind

Typing will be the thing of past

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Facebook had announced to work on a mind-reading technology back in 2017, but now it seems to have shunned the idea of making it possible through surgery.

The social networking giant has bought a technology startup, CTRL-Labs, that works on reading electric signals that the human mind generates.

CTRL-Lab has designed a wrist band that can pick up the signals coming from the mind and transmits them into a computer for executing any command such as pressing a keyboard button.

Not only it can capture the transmission, but also it can read the intentions. With this technology, users would be able to post photos and messages without ever touching their devices.

Facebook believes we (human) spend a lot of time with our gadgets ignoring people around us, but with this technology, human interaction with each other might improve.

CTRL-Lab has been working on this technology by developing a wrist band that decodes the electrical signals that neurons in the spinal cord send to the hand, which eventually make the movement of fingers possible.

Facebook hasn’t disclosed how much it has paid the startup for acquiring it, but a report by CNBC reveals the social media company paid somewhere between $500m to $1b.

Facebook also acquired Oculus VR back in 2014 for $2b.

Image: Pixabay

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