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Coronavirus tracking: Here are the best sources

coronavirus spread meter

Coronavirus is the biggest epidemic in the history of the world. At the current time, there are more than 200,000 patients suffering from this virus. Whereas, the death toll exceeds 10,000 people in total. Due to the ability of the virus to spread on human contact governments from around the world are advising people to limit interactions. The aftermath of COVID-19 is going to result in an economic meltdown. This will have a huge impact on many sectors, especially technology. But technology is also one of the most effective ways of fighting the Coronavirus as well.

Coronavirus live stats

Various Governments and organizations have launched informative websites and applications in order to educate the people about COVID-19. These websites and applications are going to help people by answering some common questions. This will help them in diagnosing themselves and refrain from spreading any misconceptions. Coronavirus is a new epidemic and there is not enough information about it. There are a lot of misconceptions going on among the people regarding its origins.

Here is the world meter, that keeps track of almost every tech thing on the internet. You can find the latest stats on the epidemic as well.

Authentic Advice

It is very important to take advice from credible sources in order to reduce the symptoms of Coronavirus. Therefore, we are here to help you identify some credible sources regarding the spread and control of COVID-19. The first and most important website regarding Coronavirus is the official website of WHO.

  1. The World Health Origination benefits from its global ties and is the first to take necessary precautions against the virus. That is why there is no one better to keep you updated on the matter.
  2. Many Governments including Pakistan are utilizing social media platforms in order to spread awareness. Italy, France, China, the US, and Pakistan are all trying to use all possible methods to halt the progress of Coronavirus.
  3. Unfortunately, the spread has not reached its peak in many countries. Therefore, the number of those suffering from COVID-19 is increasing by the thousands. As the virus is spreading in 177 countries, tracking it is a problem. That is why it is essential to seek help from applications that are tracking the spread of the virus on a global scale. Here is another platform that updates you on live stats based on the data from Johns Hopkins University and DXY.

Source: The Times,  World Health Organization 

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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