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Coronavirus: This is how world’s top tech giants are helping

tech giants fight coronavirus

Coronavirus is destroying the world, and the estimated people suffering from it are now at 288,013. This figure was below 200,000 just a few days ago, and an increase of 88,013 people shows that it isn’t showing down. Many countries are on the verge of reaching its peak, which will add thousands of new patients suffering from COVID-19. But the good news is that the world’s most prominent tech organizations are coming out to give relief to the people.

Google Offers $50 Million to Fight COVID-19

Google has taken the front lines in spreading awareness about Coronavirus. It recently launched a dedicated Hub for providing information about COVID-19. People can go to their Hub and gain valuable information about the origin and precaution against this disease. There is also a global map attached to the Hub for the users to see how the Epidemic is affecting other countries. Moreover, it has announced to donate a whopping $50 million for the global efforts against Coronavirus. This donation is very generous, but the expertise it offers is invaluable.

Jack Ma, The Founder of Ali Baba

The founder of Ali Baba, one of the biggest trade portals in Asia, has come out to offer much-needed aid. He is offering supplies to countries that are dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. He is offering 1.8 million masks, along with 210,000 test kits, and 36,000 protective gear. This aid will be given to the governments of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia. But the Asian countries are not the only one on his radar as he is extending his offer to Cambodia, Laos, and Maldives as well.

It is clear Jack Ma seeks to help the countries that are struggling with Coronavirus. Moreover, these countries are not well equipped to deal with such an epidemic. So, Jack Ma’s donation can save a lot of lives and ease the burden of governments tackling this global issue.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg needs no introduction as he is the founder of the biggest social media platform Facebook. So, it was only about time that he came out and announced his strategy to deal with this epidemic. Whereas, Facebook and WhatsApp are doing their bit to spread awareness about Coronavirus. Mark Zuckerberg pledges to contribute even more, as he is donating $20 million for global relief against COVID-19. Facebook is conducting a social fundraiser for this very purpose. Whereas, the amount for donation can go a bit higher than Zuckerberg initially believes.

Apple Donates 9 Million Masks

Tim Cook came out to announce his bid for the fight against COVID-19 and donated 9 million masks. These masks will be divided between the US and UK to help them cope with the Coronavirus threat. Masks are among the most important objects that the medical staff and people require right now. There is a general shortage of masks all around the world. So much so, that even nurses and doctors have to find alternative methods to safeguard themselves. This is a serious issue, and it is nice to see that major corporations like Apple are right on time to save the day.

Michael Dell, From Dell Technologies

Michael Dell has announced to donate millions of Dollars to the Coronavirus relief efforts. He has already donated 2 million Yuan to fund the purchase of medical supplies in China. Whereas, they are planning to give $3 million for global efforts to stop COVID-19. Like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell is going to fund the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Elon Musk on a New Mission

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has announced that his company is working to produce ventilators for the COVID-19 crisis. In the next week, he is going to distribute 1,200 new ventilators to help the patients fighting for their lives. No matter how advanced they are in medical technology, every country needs ventilators, and the primary cause of death is the lack of them. That is why adding thousands of ventilators to their medical equipment will help the US save millions of lives.  

Sadly, the entire world needs ventilators, and Tesla may be able to cater to a few countries at a time. But fortunately, China, who is on the verge of taking control of the COVID-19 crisis, is offering all the necessary equipment to other countries. So, with Elon and China on board, people may have a fighting chance.

Amazon’s Effort in the US

Amazon and Microsoft are already involved in tackling the epidemic in the US. As both of them are donating millions of dollars to the US relief fund. Amazon has been extraordinarily active in funding small businesses, which may not survive this epidemic. Jeff Bezos announced a $1 million for the efforts in Seattle. Whereas, for small businesses, he is sparing an additional $5 million to survive the Coronavirus lockdown.

This is a reasonable effort as small businesses are going to suffer critically during the lockdown. While many are putting people’s lives at priority, it is nice to see others preparing to stabilize the aftereffects of it as you cannot go back to your healthy life after Coronavirus if no workplace survives.

Sources: GeekWire, Beebom, BusinessInsider, Cnet 

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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