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Chinese companies to invest in mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan

mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan

The federal government of Pakistan is mulling over creating opportunities for mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan. It has decided to restart the Telephone Industries of Pakistan (TIP) in partnership with China to manufacture phone sets in the country.

Sources have revealed to Express Tribune that Chinese companies are looking to invest in mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan as the country already has the necessary infrastructure because of telephone set manufacturing company owned by the Ministry of Information Technology in the country.

The TIP factory has been inactive for quite a long time and now many Pakistani companies are looking to revive it to manufacture mobile phone sets in the country with the help of Chinese counterparts.

Reportedly, a large Chinese company has already prepared the feasibility report in regards to mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan which has already been shared with the government officials.

The company also wants to work with the locals to run the factory and work towards selling and exporting the phones manufactured in Pakistan. The Chinese firm plans to acquire TIP on lease and along with the Chinese ambassador, has already held important meetings with FBR chairman, customs officials, and other stakeholders for investment purposes.

Initially, the company plans to set up one mobile phone manufacturing plant and thus, is focusing on the TIP infrastructure in Haripur. This move will undoubtedly give a major push to Pakistan’s economic condition as apart from foreign exchange earned through export, mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan can create job opportunities for the people.

Previously, the government also offered Huawei and other companies to set up mobile hone manufacturing plants in Pakistan and has allocated land in Haripur which will be allotted land for local mobile phone manufacturing.

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