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Who doesn’t want to know true cell phone battery ratings before you make up your mind to select your next phone?

A shiny and powerful smartphone is as good as a dead brick if it is without the juice at the end of the day. To cope with this problem, smartphone makers are putting in larger batteries. 

2018 was all about 3000 mAh, but now, a 5000 mAh is more of a common trait for the most mid-range phones, although the feature isn’t common for the flagship phones yet until the rumored Huawei P40 Pro lands in with a massive 5000 mAh battery. 

However, at PhoneYear, we do cell phone battery ratings to give you a fair idea of how a particular smartphone performs in real life. Instead of relying on simulation-based battery testing, we try to exhaust all the real-life possibilities that smartphone users face every day and see how long a certain phone’s battery will last once they are exposed to usual conditions.

How we do cell phone battery ratings?

We don’t just believe in technical battery capacity printed on the box, a 4000 mAh battery can last longer than a 5000 mAh capacity phone. Among many other factors, it also depends upon how well the manufacturer has optimized the device. 

With artificial intelligence (AI) bracing every phone today, phone makers should be able to optimize every bit of power inside the batteries.

However, we put a load of multiple apps in two phases while we test the phone.

Test 1: Back to back video play

We turn off the wifi and mobile data while the 4G SIM remains inside the phone. It is done to possibly eliminate the pressure on the battery from the external communication of apps. We set the display to half because it is always suitable for indoor performance and set the volume to max. We run a 1080p video, back to back, until the battery reaches 0%.

Test 2: Social media apps and games

We run certain battery-draining apps on 4G data for 30 mins each that roughly takes 4.5 hours to know the battery endurance, which is close to real-life usage. The apps include;

  1. Instagram
  2. Video recording
  3. Audio streaming
  4. YouTube
  5. Audio call
  6. WhatsApp video call
  7. Tiktok
  8. PUBG
  9. Call of Duty

For making things a bit easier, we have arranged some of the best performing phones below in our cell phone battery ratings. Our graph only includes the phones we tested ourselves. However, if you wish to look beyond our list, we have also picked some top performers in terms of battery life.

Top 5 performers in our testing

Phone Battery Back-to-Back Video 4.5 hours drain
Vivo S1 4500 mAh 18 hrs – 4 mins 46%
Samsung Galaxy A30s 4000 mAh 16 hrs – 13 mins 44%
Oppo Reno2 4000 mAh 12 hrs – 47 mins 74%
Vivo V15 4000 mAh 11 hrs – 30 mins 58%
Huawei Y9s 4000 mAh 10 hrs – 44 mins 66%

Top performers from around the internet

For some other options, we have also looked and searched on the internet, and the following is what we believe are the smartphones with the best battery life. The following are the phones as compiled by tomsguide for being the best in terms of battery life. We haven’t checked their battery time, and we are relying on their testing only.

  1. Moto G7 Power (15:35 )
  2. Huawei P30 Pro (12:53)
  3. Google Pixel 3a (11:59)
  4. Google Pixel 3a XL (11:44)
  5. Galaxy S10 Plus (12:35)

We keep testing the phones and updating our list for cellphone battery ratings on our site, so do check us back for more ratings. If you are interested, how do we review our phones, you can find them here.

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