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How to snooze notifications in Android Oreo

Android Oreo comes with a lot of useful features that help you in customizing and personalizing your phone in a better way according to your own liking. One of the most useful features is snoozing notifications. Here's how to do it

How to extend your smartphone battery life

Are you concerned about how fast your smartphone's battery drains out? Worry not!  We have got you covered with our complete guide about how you can extend your smartphone battery life

How to encrypt your Android smartphone

How important is your data for you? Do you want to just keep your smartphone away from prying eyes or you happen to keep sensitive information on your mobile device? Whatever your reason is, here's how you can encrypt your Android smartphone.

How to track lost android phone

Most of us have faced unfortunate circumstances where we lose our phone. Thankfully, Google has our back and provides with options like "Find My Device" with which you can track down your smartphone and even lock or erase it remotely

How to backup contacts in android phone the easiest way

Losing your contacts whenever you change your phone can really be a nuisance. Worry not, we have here, the best ways to backup contacts and keep them from losing the next time you change your phone

How to factory reset your android phone in easy steps

Tired of your super slow device, ran into a software malfunction or you want to sell your phone? Here are the different ways you can factory reset your android phone by following some easy steps.

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