Smartphones with best battery Life – A 2018 List

Most of us, when looking to buy a smartphone, have battery life on our priority list but sadly not many phones are giving much in the battery compartment. However, there are still phones that provide you with decent battery during the whole day. Read on to see the phones with best battery life

Best document editing apps for smartphones

With increasing needs for communication within an office environment, we need to address the most important aspect, creating, sharing and editing documents so we have compiled a list of best document editing apps for your smartphone that help you share documents to amplify collaboration.

Best task management apps for smartphones

We have handpicked the best task Management apps that will keep you and your team organized. Let's find out how they can make your life easy

Best free camera apps for android phones

Camera phones are getting better but not every default camera app fulfills our need. This list of best free camera apps for Android phones will boost your photography

8 ways to speed up your android phone

Is your Android phone slowing down? is it freezing between apps? We have some useful tips for you to speed your Android phone.

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