Beta version of Rehbar app is out on Play Store; the Urdu droid can go a long way for fighting coronavirus

rehbar app
rehbar app

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, after Punjab IT Board came up with Insaaf Imdad app that crossed 2 million downloads on Google’s Play Store, the Rehbar app is another initiative to help the public with the help of a Droid that can talk to you in the Urdu language. It uses Google’s internal translation algorithm to listen and respond to the user.

Rehbar app is meant to guide the public in the right direction while saving precious time at the same time. As the outbreak continues in Pakistan and the health care facilities are still scarce, it’s essential to diagnose yourself as well in case of any symptoms of COVID-19 show-up. 

Rehbar app helps you navigate through 3 different primary areas of need. These are Insaaf Imdad, Corona Calculator, and Nearest Health Facilities. All of these are essential for any person to seek help during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

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The application is still a beta version, and therefore, you should expect some bugs and operational limitations. For example, if you are trying to look for nearby health facilities, PITB has mapped them on the app through further three sub-categories; private hospital, quarantine, and government hospital. The corona calculator also takes you through a general questionnaire that lets you self determine if you have symptoms of coronavirus. We believe there is a functionality to alert the relevant authorities about your health condition, but we are pretty sure the feature isn’t active yet in the beta version.

The third one is “Insaf Imdad” tab, which is meant to disburse Rs. 12,000 among the families isn’t active yet. Tapping on it activates the Google bot or Rahber bot to be exact, but the droid does not have an answer to whatever query you make, which again would be a working module in the final version.

PITB really needs to make the Rehbar app an intelligent and practical bot that could answer a wide variety of questions instead of some limited replies, which is the case at the moment.

All in all, the Rehbar app is essential for the public to seek guidance to either a medical center or to diagnose their symptoms. This application centers on Pakistan, and as the time passes, PITB has plans for many upgrades. So, as we go deep into this crisis, the Urdu based droid may go through a full makeover.


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