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Best Selfie Apps for Android to Take Wow Photos

Phone photography has excelled over the past few years with excellent camera smartphones coming out one after the other. If you are a regular on social media, you have probably witnessed the rise of the selfie trend too. People go to great lengths to grab the perfect selfie. With this upholding trend, a bulk of selfie apps surfaced, each providing distinctive features.

It’s almost impossible to decide the best selfie apps as there are so many, and nearly all of them offer the same features but, based on some unique features and the number of filters, stickers and other options we have compiled a list of the some of the best selfie apps you can download for your smartphone now.

B612-Beauty and Filter Camera

B612 selfie app

It is undoubtedly one of the best selfie apps you can download right now. With over 100 million downloads, B612 gives you a wide range of option to choose from. Its major offerings are AR stickers, Customizable beauty features, and filters.

It has a collection of over a thousand stickers to choose from. The beauty option lets you customize your look. It is an excellent option for female users out there. From your eyebrows and eyeliner to applying blush and adjusting the face size, you can do it all with beauty feature.

Candy Camera

Candy camera is another popular selfie app in which you can retouch your look with a load of stickers, frames, and filters. You can swipe left and right to find the beauty filter that suits you. You can click pictures by touching the shutter button at the bottom or tapping on the screen.

Candy Camera selfie app

Besides filters and stickers, it also includes editing tools to give out perfect selfie experience. These tools include slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. Candy camera also provides a collage option so you can merge your photos into a collage in different ways. Photos from your camera roll can also be imported to edit after they are captured.

Besides all this, there is a very cool option for poster pictures. Which fits your view into poster presets. It also shows you in real time in the viewfinder so you can change the poster if you like.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus selfie app

The only app with as much editing features as the YouCam Perfect is the beauty plus selfie app which can rightly be considered in this list. As soon as you open the app, you are greeted with an option to choose between taking a selfie or editing a picture. Clicking on the edit takes you to the gallery, so you select your desired image to edit. From adjusting the contrast, brightness, and saturation to reshaping your face, this app has it all.

However, we were not impressed by the photo taking the ability of the app. Although it provides a ton of stickers and filters, it treats the picture too heavily and makes a makes it look artificial rather than beautiful


Sweet Selfie

Sweetselfie app

In an array of some of the best selfie apps, Sweet Selfie reserves its place with some unique features and easy interface. Besides the Filters, stickers, and collage, it also has a photo booth option which you can use to take amazing selfies.

Other than that, Sweet Selfie heavily focuses on editing your selfies. You can import any picture from the gallery and modify almost every aspect of it, giving it an entirely new look.

YouCam Perfect

Youcam Perfect selfie app

Though YouCam perfect may not offer as many modes and filters like other beautifying selfies apps, it deserves its place on the list because of its heavy focus on photo editing. Not only does this app acts as a real-time beauty camera, but it also has multi-face recognition, so your filters evenly apply if you are snapping a group selfie.

The editor in the app is nothing short of amazing. It gives you complete control over how you look with amazing features like object removal, face adjustment, color fix, background blur and many many more.


Rectria selfie app

If you are not too much into beautifying selfie apps and excessively skin smoothing filters, Retrica might be just the one for you. The reason Retrica makes it to the list of best selfie apps is its simplicity yet ingenuity. Out of all Android selfie apps, Retrica is one of the earliest and still hasn’t replicated those horrifying beauty features.

Retrica comes with over 100 stickers to decorate your video or image. Moreover, you can also doodle over your picture and turn it into something more interesting.

For some of you, the over-treatment of facial features might be a turn off when it comes to selfie apps. For others, the same functionality is the reason to download such apps. So it all boils down to personal preference. Nonetheless, if you are a selfie freak, these apps are definitely a treat for you.

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