Android Q Could Arrive in May with System-Wide Dark Mode

It’s a new year and speculations about the next version of Android are already amking rounds. Android Q may launch in the month of May. Though it will pretty much look like the current Android 9 Pie, a few tweaks and changes could further refine the new OS.

Google inside sources have revealed that a new “dark mode” feature has been approved for the upcoming version of Android. This might be the most anticipated feature of all, as it has its own implications in customization of device and also reduces eye strain while using the device.

Google showcased some of the features of the Android Q at the Google developer conference among which the ability to multitask between more than two apps in split screen was purely amazing.

As for the dark mode feature, the development team is studying and optimizing the experience to ensure that all the pre-installed apps match the system-wide dark mode.

The fact that Google is eager to make things work with dark mode till as soon as May, suggests that the giant intends to launch the Android 10 aka Android Q in the same month.

Since the dynamic range and color reproduction is always better on OLED panels, the dark mode feature will truly be a feast for the eyes on OLED and AMOLED displays. It may also minimize battery consumption.




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