Android Q Beta 2 features bubbles notifications and all-new multitasking

Android Q Beta 2

Google has launched the Android Q Beta 2 today and in case you own a Pixel device and still haven’t upgraded to the Beta program, it’s about time you upgrade to the latest version because the new Android is coming with some amazing features.

Google’s release blog post promises “bug fixes, optimizations, and API updates,” as well as bubble notifications and a crazy new multitasking feature.

Android Q is all about giving more control to the user. So far we have options like split screen and floating windows in our devices. Android Q beta 1 even came with more amazing features like desktop mode and now Google has raised the bar by providing another multitasking improvement.

Android Q Beta 2 brings us a new multitasking feature called “Bubbles.” Bubbles let you minimize an app into a little circle, which floats around on the screen above all your other apps. Tapping on a bubble will open a small UI.

Though this feature is not fully out yet and Google has only shown the demo on messaging app, it will hopefully cover more apps in the coming updates.

The second most amazing thing in the Android Q Beta 2 is the bubble notifications. These are similar to what we have already seen on the Facebook messenger. They allow you to read notifications without sliding down the notification panel and venture into multitasking.

Though many apps have already created their bubbles, Google thinks that with Android supporting this feature, its functionality will be adopted by developers consistently and will open new customization portals.

Since Android Q Beta 2 brings these amazing features, the hyped and expectation from the next iterations have increased now. While it’s just in Beta phase, for now,  we have already come across devices like the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 coming with the latest iteration of Android.


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