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6 best features of Nokia 8

Nokia 8

Last year at MWC, Nokia, dinosaur of industry came-back and tried to make the things right with Nokia 8. We recently had time to fully review a Nokia 8, and now presenting some adored features and specs of this flagship.


The design of Nokia 8 neither one of the best nor it is from the new league of bezel-less class. But if you like slight bezels on a phone or you have a little budget for the latest flagships, this phone design will not disappoint you. Physically, it’s a hell of a looker. It’s wonderfully slim, measuring a mere 7.3mm thick, and it’s hewn from a single block of aluminum, which gives it a fantastic solidity in the hand. Aluminum chasis has shine just like a glass panel.


It has got a 5.3-inch LCD display with QHD, super-high 2,560×1,440 resolution translates to an impeccably crisp 554ppi. It’s super-bright too, hitting a blinding 663cd/m2, so everything looks vibrant and alive. A coating of Gorilla Glass 5 means it also has a good chance of surviving the odd accidental drop without shattering. Watching movies is a treat on this handset.

Stock Android

Stock Android is a weak and strong point of this phone simultaneously. If you are into stock android and loves the security it provides, this is the handset for you. It gets the OTA updates timely.


The Nokia 8 has the internals you’d expect from a modern flagship smartphone, namely an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and a full 4GB of RAM. Predictably, therefore, the 8 achieved benchmark scores were effectively on a par with all the big-hitters of the Android world.

Nokia 8 ‘Bothie’

What is Bothie? This is a feature where you can take a photo or video with the front or back camera simultaneously: a useful feature for Facebook live or YouTube. This would allow you to conduct interviews with the Nokia 8, or going live from a concert, hence useful for plenty of scenarios.

OZO audio camera technology

Recording audio is easy, but normal recording technologies only capture sound as a flat, one-dimensional track. Real sound, however, is bound by space and time. Not only does it come from different directions in a 360-degree area, some sounds also arrive sooner than others.  In practical terms, this means it can configure the 3 microphones of Nokia 8 in a way that turns it into a directional microphone.

The status and reputation of Nokia as a brand in the world of (mobile) technology is nothing short of legendary like folklore or fairy tale. From the tough-as-tank 3310 to the optical zoom-toting N93, Nokia’s product line-up was filled up with stunning mobile devices, but then something went wrong and Nokia became the history.

This Phone might not fully re-establish the prestige of the Nokia of old, but it’s a big, confident stride in the right direction.

Written by PhoneYear

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