MediaTek Helio G85, another good news for mid-range devices

MediaTek Helio G85

As part of MediaTek’s new initiative to of bringing quality processors to mid-range devices, it brings us MediaTek Helio G85. This is a pumped-up graphics core with a power of 1GHz, to optimize your gaming experience. This GPU is compatible with mid-range devices and fits well with its recent announcements of bringing 5G technology to budget devices. However, Helio G85 itself will not be supportive of any 5G connectivity as of yet, this is a pure gaming-focused approach.

MediaTek recognizes the value of the mobile gaming community. Moreover, with COVID-19 gripping the entire world, we saw a significant increase in mobile gaming. Gaming is an additive action, so it is safe to say many of the gamers now will continue this behavior for quite a while. So, as the mobile industry falls short due to global isolation, MediaTek places its focus on mid-range devices. These devices due to their affordability will not fall as much in sales as its expensive counterparts.   

MediaTek Helio G85, a gaming GPU

According to MediaTek, the new MediaTek Helio G85 is optimized to handle games that have a significant heavy loading time. Although the decrease in loading time may vary from application to application, it can manage the CPU and GPU capabilities of your device in a highly intelligent manner while keeping track of your memory, power, and overall temperature of the phone during gaming hours. Such bold claims can be like a double-edged sword, which may raise the expectations too much. Many other devices also make the same promises, but ultimately they all fall short one way or other.

Moreover, Helio G85 is power efficient, allowing users to continue playing their favorite games for a longer period. This, we can gain a good grasp around, as GPUs have gotten it right when managing the all-round power of the device. MediaTek Helio G85 is part of “HyperEngine Game Technology,” which boosts the gaming experience.  

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But regulating the phone is not enough for an optimum gaming experience as many online games require seamless connectivity to Wi-Fi or mobile networks. That is why MediaTek claims that Helio G85 has enhanced connectivity, which allows users to make full use of their connectivity in a fast and reliable manner. But still, this depends upon the nature of your network; this is still debatable.

Criticism surrounding MediaTek GPUs

Although, Helio G85 got its share of criticism due to its controversial benchmark test. Which many believed was not up to standards. This is a criticism that has plagued MediaTek again and again. But the company responds to this query presented by AnandTech

MediaTek follows accepted industry standards and is confident that benchmarking tests accurately represent the capabilities of our chipsets. We work closely with global device makers when it comes to testing and benchmarking devices powered by our chipsets, but ultimately brands have the flexibility to configure their own devices as they see fit. Many companies design devices to run on the highest possible performance levels when benchmarking tests are running in order to show the full capabilities of the chipset. This reveals what the upper end of performance capabilities are on any given chipset.….”

So it more looks like a difference of opinion, rather than full trotting claims of cheating. Regardless, MediaTek has the opportunity now to show us its true potential. Only time will tell how its new Helio G85 fares in such a challenging situation.

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