MediaTek teases first gaming chipset Helio G90; will launch on 30th July

MediaTek Helio G90

Following the footsteps of Qualcomm, MediaTek, the Taiwanese chipset manufacturer is ready to make its debut into the world of gaming-centric chipset for smartphones with Helio G90.

The company has teased the arrival of the new Helio G90 chipset in a poster where the “G” stands for gaming.

MediaTek Helio G90 poster
Teaser poster for G90

MediaTek has not yet spilled the beans regarding what we should expect from the upcoming Helio chipset but knowing that the company’s latest Helio P90 SoC is a powerhouse, we can assume that Helio G90 will be even better in performance.

According to the rumors, the upcoming Helio G90 will be an octa-core chipset which will be built on the 12nm process like the P90. It is also expected to flaunt a much more powerful GPU to help provide top-notch graphics performance.

Till now, all the dedicated gaming smartphones have relied on Qualcomm’s premium chipsets to deliver the best performance, but the arrival of G90 may push the mobile phone makers to choose from a wider pool of options. We have to wait and see how smartphone makers will respond to MediaTek’s latest offering.

According to the company, the chipset will be officially unveiled on July 30th in Shanghai, but at the moment we are not sure when the smartphones powered by G90 will come into the market.

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