PTA ordered to stop spam messages and marketing calls in Pakistan

PTA spam texts

Lahore High Court has ordered Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to stop unwanted marketing calls and spam messages after hearing a petition filed by a citizen.

Justice Shahid Jamil presided over the case and Muhammad Shafique, Communication Director of PTA was called to answer why the authority is not taking action against the spam messages. The court was told that no proper mechanism exists in the country to deal with such unwanted promotional calls and messages.

The court then pointed out if PTA cannot stop these calls and messages, then they can take action against the numbers that are sending such texts to citizens across the country. The court will hear the case again on 19th July and might call Chairman PTA if the authority fails to take a satisfactory action against such complaints.

Nowadays, it is quite common to have tens or hundreds of unread spam messages in the inbox of the phone’s default texting apps. It is reasonable to receive promotional messages from companies which have received your phone number directly from you (as it shows consent) but many small or big businesses are just buying up the user data to bombard them which is a blatant violation of their privacy.

PTA has already got its hands full with providing new solutions for the problems related to unregistered mobile phones in the country which took a new turn after Peshawar High Court barred the authorities to block such devices in the country.

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