Prices of Nokia feature phones increase in Pakistan

Nokia feature phones

Samsung’s is not the only one which is increasing its mobile phone prices in Pakistan; Nokia feature phones will also become more expensive in the country starting today.

As compared to the company’s smartphone line, Nokia feature phones show splendid sale figures which still shows the association of trust and brand loyalty of people who grew up with the brand and the older generation who started their mobile phone journey with Nokia.

Here are the new prices of its feature phones:

Model New Price Old Price
Nokia 105 PKR 2,999 PKR 2,900
Nokia 106 PKR 2,925 PKR 2,750
Nokia 130 PKR 3,800 PKR 3,550
Nokia 150 PKR 5,050 PKR 4,700
Nokia 210 PKR 5,425 PKR 4,950
Nokia 216 PKR 5,850 PKR 5,500

Looking at the table above, we can see that the company has not drastically increased its feature phone prices, but since the budget users basically own these phones, it can cause some discomfort for users.

We have to wait and see whether the prices of Nokia smartphones will suffer the same fate. Like Samsung, the decision to increase the prices of Nokia feature phones is probably associated with the surge in the US dollar exchange rate, a factor which has drastically increased the price tag of mobile phones in the country irrespective of their offered specs sheet.

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