Huawei Mate X launch postponed and Samsung Galaxy Fold is to blame

Huawei Mate X

This year, for the first time ever, Samsung and Huawei introduced their respective foldable phones, Galaxy Fold, and Mate X and we were pretty pumped for the release of the two devices, well only before the devasting scandal surrounding Galaxy Fold’s display issues which made us question the technology’s sustainability.

Soon after the reviewers started facing problems with Galaxy Fold, the company recalled all the foldable devices, pushed back the launch date and now even though Samsung’s CEO revealed they have reviewed the problems, the phone’s launch has been delayed indefinitely. Now, looking at the fallout of Samsung’s phone, Huawei has also decided to delay the launch from June to September.

The Chinese smartphone maker told CNBC and The Wall Street Journal that the company is taking a cautious approach after the failed launch of Galaxy Fold and is now doing extensive testing to make sure their foldable smartphone is ready for consumers. Huawei’s spokesperson told CNBC, “We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation.”

Right now, a bigger problem in the shape of an apparent Huawei ban plagues the company which has successfully pushed aside any of our concerns related to its foldable technology. Since the smartphones are already established, we can assume that they may come with Android OS but it wouldn’t be the same without a promise of software updates.

The company already has put Plan B in motion which constitutes its homegrown Hongmeng OS (or Oak OS for international users) which is already being trademarked in multiple countries around the world. A report also suggests that the Huawei is looking into Russian’s Aurora OS and is testing the software on its devices.

The company has made it clear that it still wants to be the part of Android family but if push comes to shove, it wants to be prepared for the worst.

Image Source: Forbes

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