iOS 13; All the new features coming to iPhones

iOS 13
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At WWDC 2019, the US-based tech giant Apple unveiled the new version of iOS 13 which comes with many new improvements and some Android inspired moments but its major focus is still on enhancing the overall performance of iPhones.

Over the years, we have started to see that Apple has rescinded its tradition of being the first tech company to offer better features to its users and has given Android a way to woo the smartphone audience with user-friendly and inclusive experience.

You can still see Apple’s exclusive culture in the new iOS 13 which is here to rival the latest Android Q OS but for many iPhone users, this is exactly why they pay premium pricing for Apple products.

iOS 13 is now available for developers while the public beta testing will commence from July 2019. Let’s dive down and see all the new features which will be coming in the iPhones with the new OS update.

Faster Performance

Just like last year’s update, the tech company is putting a major emphasis on how the new operating system can help improve the performance of iPhones especially the older models. It may have reflected on its action of slowing down older devices with OS updates in the past and is now paying extra attention to earn forgiveness for its technology sins.

According to Apple, with iOS 13, the apps will launch 2x faster which is directly related to the improvements to how the ‘company has worked to make apps 50% while the updates 60% smaller. Additionally, the Face ID unlocking will also become 30% quicker.

Dark Mode


After Android Q, iOS 13 will also be getting a dedicated Dark Mode which is the biggest visual update for the operating system since it introduced a new software design in iOS 7.

With the new iOS 13, the iPhone users will able to initiate system-wide dark mode which will turn the light screen into a darker one. Reportedly, All the first-party apps by Apple will come with the Dark mode support along with the notifications and the navigation dock will be getting a dark makeover.

Swiping Keyboard

iOS 13 Quick Path keyboard

In the new iOS 13, Apple is finally bringing the ability to type by swiping on the keyboard, a feature which has been present in the Android phones for ages via keyboards including SwiftKey, Swype, or Gboard.

The tech company is calling the new update¬† “Quick Path” keyboard and while it iPhones always offered third-party keyboard support for users, it is the first time that Apple’s default keyboard will be at par with other products in the market. Seemingly, the company has realized that it has to give in to the demands of the time and the latest trends.

Security & Privacy

As expected from the iOS 13, privacy is a major part of the new software update especially after Android is pushing for more user control over how their data is being used. With the new OS update, the iPhone users can choose to give location data to an app “just once” which will stop it from using the app permissions to ping your location in the future.

The company has also launched a new “Sign in with Apple” feature which will be authenticated through Face ID or Touch ID. Using this feature, the iPhone user will be able to sign into any app or service without revealing their personal information.

Moreover, if you are wary of sharing your personal email address, Apple will help you create a randomized email which is unique to a certain app. The dummy account will forward to your real email address and by being a middle party will prevent apps from getting access to your email or spamming you.

As we are moving into the future, privacy is the major concern of users and the biggest challenge for the tech companies. Apple has always prided itself in providing the best security to users and Craig Federighi, head of Apple’s software business said that he believes privacy is a “fundamental right” for everyone.

Photos & Video Editing Tools

With iOS 13, Apple has made it easier for users to tweak lighting effects in the Photos app. You can now change the intensity and location of the light in the portrait lighting, a tool within the native camera app,  as well as edit the pictures with tons of new options for both photos and videos like rotating the video if you have shot it in the wrong orientation.

Some other camera features coming to iOS 13 are the ability of the phone to organize photographs by year, month and date, and dedicated Years, Months and Days tabs will make browsing for pictures a quick experience. The Photos app will also provide live photos and videos as you scroll.

Siri sounds more human

With text-to-speech improvement (neural TTS), Siri will sound more human and less like a robot at the same time and at the same time, it is getting more smarter shortcuts with suggested routines for users.

Find My

Apple has merged its two services, Find My Phone and Find My Friends into a single app called “Find My.” It is a single app that can track your missing smartphone as well as your friends and family members at the same time. Interestingly, it can also help to locate offline devices by sending a secure Bluetooth beacon to other Apple devices which will send it back to Apple and then your device at the end.

The company says that the whole communication is supported by end-to-end encryption and should not affect the battery, privacy or the data use of the user.

Apple Maps

iOS 13 Apple Maps

Apple is giving a complete overhaul to the Maps app with iOS 13. It now has a new interface and the company says that it has built the app from the ground up by driving for more than 4 million miles.

It now provides a 3D view of your surroundings with a new Look Around window, it is the company’s own rendition of Google Street View. In landscape mode, the user can even zoom down the street and learn more about the nearby landmarks and businesses by simply tapping on the labels.

Apple Maps look around window
Apple Maps Look Around

There is also a new collections feature which helps the user group all the things they like in the cities they visit more for work or pleasure and the Favorites feature can store the location of all the places you frequent more often with family or friends and allows you to summon the directions by a simple tap

According to Apple, the features including broad road coverage, better pedestrian data, more precise addresses, and detail landcover will be completed by the end of 2019 in the US and will roll out in 2020 to other countries.

Other Features

  • Silencing unknown callers and sending spam calls to voice mail
  • Muting a thread in Mail
  • Adding attachments to events in Calendar
  • Add attachments to events in Calendar.
  • Lyrics are time-synced lyrics when you play music on the phone
  • Providing support for 3D AR apps like Minecraft Earth
  • Provision of low data mode
  • The keyboard comes with 38 new language
  • The option to select a language per app

Image Source: 9 to 5 Apple

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