How to trade Samsung smartphone for Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus in Pakistan

trade Samsung smartphone for Samsung S10 and S10 plus
Image Source: The Verge

Every new year, we are greeted with the launch of new flagship smartphones and it is quite troublesome to wash your hands off from the old device and upgrade to the latest one. Luckily, this problem does not exist for Samsung users as the South Korean smartphone giant has started a new program in Pakistan where you can trade Samsung smartphone for the recently launched Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

How Does It Work?

The rules to trade Samsung smartphone for the latest flagship devices is quite simple.

  • Bring your old Samsung device to the company’s trade up partners
  • Get your smartphone evaluated for allocation of market price
  • Exchange your smartphone for either Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus and pay the difference (the price of Galaxy S10/S10 Plus minus the price of your old Samsung smartphone)
  • Get your data transferred from old Samsung device to the new one

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Evaluation Criteria

For evaluating the old devices, Samsung has created the following four slabs based on the condition of the smartphones:

  • Slab A: Devices in mint condition with all accessories
  • Slab B: Devices with minor dents
  • Slab C: Devices with minor cracks on body and screen and require minor component replacement
  • Slab D: Devices with non-responsive touch, pixel damage, charging issues and the phones that don’t turn on anymore

You can click here to see the list of partner stores to trade Samsung smartphone for Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus in Pakistan or you can call Samsung’s helpline 0800-72678 to get more information.

Image Source: The Verge

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