Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 730, 730G and 665 chipsets for midrange phones

Snapdragon 730 chipset,665 and 730g chipsets for midrange phones

On its AI Day in San Francisco, the front runner in chipset manufacturing, Qualcomm has yet again released another two chipsets for midrange phones which include the Snapdragon 730 chipset and the Snapdragon 655 chipset.

Earlier Qualcomm showed off its flagship processing prowess in Snapdragon 855, a chipset that has powered the likes of the Galaxy S10 Plus, Xioami Mi 9 and even the foldable beast Galaxy Fold. Now with these two newly launched chipsets for midrange phones, Qualcomm intends to focus on AI and photography.

Snapdragon 730 Chipset

It comes as a successor to the Snapdragon 712, which previously dethroned the 710 with a 10% performance increase. It’s an octa-core chipset built on the 8nm process and uses Kryo 470 cores at up to 2.2GHz.

It has an Adreno 618 GPU, a Hexagon 688 processor with a tensor accelerator, a Spectra 350 “computer vision” image signal processor, an X15 LTE modem, and support for Wi-Fi 6. For those of you non-techies out there, these elements mean that Qualcomm is bringing AI-powered processing and imagery to midrange devices.

Snapdragon 730 chipset also has a gaming-focused version called the 730G. It comes with a higher clocked GPU with 15% faster performance. The 730G will only support phones with 1440p screen resolution or higher and also offers 960fps slow-motion video while the regular 730 will also include the phones that have 1080p displays.

Snapdragon 665 Chipset

The newly launched chipsets for midrange phones also include Snapdragon 665 chipset which is a follow up of the Snapdragon 660 that also made its way to some famous midrangers like the Vivo V11 Pro and Realme 2 Pro, but then got succeeded by the Snapdragon 675.

Snapdragon 665 chipset is an 8-core chip built on an 11nm process and uses the Kryo 260 cores and an Adreno 610 GPU. It also enables support for triple cameras and 48-megapixel sensors.

This means that the 48MP camera trend that started with the Honor V20 may finally make its way to the upper midrange and even the lower midrange devices. These chipsets are expected to go on sale in mid-2019.

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