Xiaomi Foldable Phone Appears in Hands-on Video

The launch of foldable phones is one of the most anticipated tech trends of 2019 and most of the brands have already jumped on the foldable phone band wagon.

Samsung, however, takes the lead as it has already shown off its design for the foldable device, Huawei also claims to beat Samsung in launching world’s first foldable phone commercially. While we are at it, Xiaomi has also emerged in the race of foldable phones.

A hands-on video was shared by Evan Blass on twitter, which shows a large tablet whose icons resemble very much with Xiaomi’s MIUI OS. The tablet is then folded into a much smaller phone. Though we cannot see any branding, the device is allegedly made by Xiaomi.


From the video, you can judge that the phone has a single display as opposed to Samsung’s phone which has two displays. The single display here folds back and turns into a compact phone. The thickness of the device, however, cannot be judged from the video.

The foldable phone trend seems to have gained pace with a new leak popping every now and then. Even the American giant Microsoft is also planning to join the race. With so many major manufacturers competing for supremacy in mobile phone tech, 2019 is definitely going to be very interesting.



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