One Plus 7 could be the first ever 5G smartphone?

5G phones may still be a distant reality, but OnePlus wants to be ahead in the race. The company is planning to launch a world first 5G-enabled phone (most probably One Plus 7) in the US as early as next year, said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. He was giving an interview to PCMag at Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS) 2018.

According to a PCMag report, the company’s plans to launch a 5G-enabled phone are in line with its partnership with popular mobile chip maker Qualcomm.

Lau also noted that the OnePlus approach of not adding bloatware will continue. That’s in line with industry trends, Apple does not allow carriers to load up software out of the box, and the moves by Google with AndroidOne and AndroidGo follow a similar path of a ‘standard’ software load-out.

The company’s latest flagship smartphone offering is the OnePlus 6, which once again looks to balance flagship requirements with a budget smartphone. Given its loyal following, OnePlus seldom has trouble shipping out its initial batches of smartphones. The company focuses directly on its users and their demands, letting them influence decisions for upcoming gadgets.

For people living in developed countries, 5G with One Plus 7 will make sense immediately, because with a 5G phone they will get access to a data superhighway all to themselves. At present, 4G phones takes about 50 milliseconds to link to the cloud and swap information, while 5G will reduce that to under 1 millisecond; that’s quicker than the human eye can process images.

While 5G is yet to roll out, several players like Oppo, Vivo, Samsung etc are expected to introduce 5G compatible smartphones in 2019 in partnership with Qualcomm and others. Huawei CEO Eric Xu highlighted that 3GPP Release 16, protocols for 5G, will be out by the end of this year, and most probably the phone will be presented in June next year.

It is a hell of a task to produce a 5G smartphone before others do, and by others we mean competing the giants like Samsung and Huawei.

For now, 5G is mostly talk, but at next year’s Mobile World Congress, expect a 5G frenzy.


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